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Journal of Current Research in Food Science

2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A
Shelf life studies of irradiated mushrooms and tomatoes

Author(s): Dr. B Kalyani and Dr. Manjula K

Abstract: The horticulture is an important and increasing sector, fruits and vegetables play an important role in providing essential nutrients. Post-harvest losses in fruits and vegetables are very high (20-40%). The need for novel processing technologies in the food industry is a direct result of consumer demand for fresh, high quality and healthy products that are free from chemical preservatives and yet are safe. Food irradiation technology has unique merits over conventional methods of preservation. The additional benefit of fruits and vegetables is due to a component in the food item that offers physical or biological i.e., functional benefits. Mushrooms are the only vegetative source of vitamin D along with all essential nutrients. Tomato is most important agricultural crop in India and predominant sources of Lycopene and contains antioxidant properties. Present study reveals that the application of gamma irradiation in low doses has satisfactorily increased the shelf life. Mushrooms and tomatoes irradiated at 0.75 kGy was more optimum in improving functional components than 0.25 kGy samples. The sensory evaluation scores of Mushroom and Tomato curry clearly indicates that the irradiation did not alter the sensory attributes. Gamma irradiation of Mushrooms and Tomatoes maintained the overall quality and sensory quality. Food irradiation promises to offer an effective means for minimizing the post-harvest losses and thereby increasing their availability, and stimulatory exports.

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Dr. B Kalyani, Dr. Manjula K. Shelf life studies of irradiated mushrooms and tomatoes. J Curr Res Food Sci 2021;2(2):21-26.
Journal of Current Research in Food Science
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