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Journal of Current Research in Food Science

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A
Prevention & management of type 2 diabetes: A review

Author(s): Madhu Saini, Dr. Barkha Bhatnagar and Dr. Arun Kumar Singh

Abstract: Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) is considered to be one of the most common diseases. In type 2 diabetics, recently the high level of HBA1C is also considered one of risk factors on the risk of developing micro vascular and macro vascular complications. High HbA1c can be improved through dietary management; thus, patients can be prevented from developing complications of diabetes. Awareness of complications of diabetes and as a result, improved knowledge, dietary attitudes and practices leading to better disease control. People can use information to estimate their diabetes risk, motivate them to seek adequate treatment and care, and inspire them to manage their disease for the rest of their lives to lifestyles that are more westernised and urbanised. The glycaemic index (GI) is a dietary measure to rank the acute impact of available (digestible) carbohydrates on blood sugar. Nutrition information and fact sheets are provided on the labels of packaged foods in many developed and developing countries to help consumers make informed choices. Although carbohydrates are a must. The purpose of this review is that, information will play an important role in future development. Improve education and awareness of DM and diabetic retinopathy in diabetic patients. These are essential for disease management and is to reduce its complications. Raise people\\\\\\\'s awareness of healthy food choices to stay healthy.

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Madhu Saini, Dr. Barkha Bhatnagar, Dr. Arun Kumar Singh. Prevention & management of type 2 diabetes: A review. J Curr Res Food Sci 2022;3(2):32-36.
Journal of Current Research in Food Science
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