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Journal of Current Research in Food Science

2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part B
Food safety issues of street foods and dietary practices by school going adolescents

Author(s): Ruchi Verma and Sunita Mishra

Abstract: Food are necessary for life, therefore food safety is a fundamental human right. Almost everyone in the world is at risk of unsafe food. Unsafe food causes millions of people to get sick while thousands die every year. Street foods is a source of inexpensive, convenient, appealing food for the adolescents and other consumers and these foods are most liked to eaten by adolescents. Nutritional or healthy diet contributes a most significance role in rapid physical growth and development in adolescents. However, because street foods are frequently connected with nutritional components associated with a poor diet and may provide a higher risk of contamination, they have become a severe food safety concern. Street foods can cause the emergence of foodborne diseases, due to the ease of contamination by microorganisms, and the development of chronic foodborne diseases. Nutrition and Food safety are closely related. Unsecured food generates a vicious cycle of illness and nutritional deficiency influencing adolescents and other consumers. Street food safety is extremely high dependent at the handling of raw food to the cooking of food till its consumption. The aim of this chapter is to determine the Dietary Practices by School going Adolescents and explain the various Food Safety issues related to Street Foods, know how food-borne diseases occur and perceive the significance of food safety management systems; and to increased awareness of food vendors about the role of national and international food standards to ensuring food safety.

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Ruchi Verma, Sunita Mishra. Food safety issues of street foods and dietary practices by school going adolescents. J Curr Res Food Sci 2022;3(2):80-93.
Journal of Current Research in Food Science
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